My name is Sarah Hampton. I am the founder of Autism Consultancy Services.

I am a highly experienced Autistic Spectrum Disorder Consultant, Teacher and Trainer with over fifteen years of experience. I specialise in supporting children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in mainstream education environments. As a child with Dyslexia and ADHD, things were tough for me growing up. In a culture yet to recognise and diagnose neuro-diversity, I was bullied in primary school by teachers and students for being ‘different’.

Thankfully, I had parents who accepted my challenges and fought for me every step of the way. Through their unwavering support and my own fierce determination, I overcame almost total illiteracy and reached my potential. Their unconditional support inspired me to dedicate my life to offering the same passionate advocacy to others.

I went on to study Psychology at The University of Lincoln in the UK, specialising in intellectual disabilities and literacy for people with ASD (Autism), ADHD and Dyslexia. I also completed a Post Graduate Certificate of Education focused on disability and access to the curriculum through literacy programs.

After uni, I started as a Holiday Manager for the charity MENCAP, helping increase the quality of life for children with disabilities. At the same time, I became a Special Needs Teacher and found my deep passion for helping children with ASD.

After moving to New Zealand, I continued designing and integrating school programs that helped teachers deliver best practices to children with ASD. Through these experiences, I understood that a successful strategy is child-focused but must include parents, teachers, schools and Allied health professionals working intelligently and cohesively towards the same goals.

I am a mum of three compassionate, intelligent and unique girls. Raising three daughters and experiencing life as a neuro-diverse Mum helped me connect the energetic journey of being a parent with the transformative power of my work. This journey has been my most challenging, rewarding and life-changing!

There is a lot of information, some quite misleading, and patching it together can feel overwhelming. As I began to connect with parents of ASD children in the community, I learned more about the struggle to integrate it all in manageable and affordable ways. I started Autism Consultancy Services to offer integrated guidance and support to children with ASD, their parents, teachers and schools.

Over time, I have realised the value of my neuro-diversity. It allows me to understand the nature of the children I am blessed to work with. It gives me intuitive insight into what they are experiencing and empowers me with fierce empathy for each one of them. We find that many adults believe the child needs to change who they are, but this is not our philosophy. We believe in and promote radical neurodiverse acceptance.

The mission of Autism Consultancy Services is to provide the foundational skills for your child to succeed as they are in the world as it stands today. We wish to empower them with the fundamental life skills to facilitate their growth as human beings while remaining true to their authentic selves.

Since the beginning of ACS, I have ensured that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of practice. We utilise cutting-edge technology held up by strong empirical evidence. I have also worked hard to ensure that the NDIS covers most of our services to help ease the financial burden in these challenging times. Many families need help, so please hang in there if you are on our waiting list. I promise we will get to you soon.

I want you to understand that I am in your corner. Once we begin working together, you become part of my family, and I will help you empower your children, protect them and advocate for them as if they are my own.

Your child can live a happy and fulfilling life. Through working with us, everyone can learn many new life-changing skills. I know this because I am a proud neuro-diverse mum who has been able to live a fulfilling life and I have helped make it happen in many families just like yours.

I look forward to meeting you.

Sarah Hampton
Creating a supportive environment for children to thrive
Creating a supportive environment for children to thrive